Leadership Team

Head Teacher

Mrs E Keenan

Deputy Head Teacher

Mr D Breen

Deputy Head Teacher

Mr D Kenny

Assistant Head Teachers

Miss M Bribet
Mr M Kehoe
Mrs S Leyssens
Miss J McManus

Office Manager

Mrs L Butterworth

Our Staff

Heads of Year

Year 7 – Mrs S Hayes
Year 8 – Mrs C Dorsette
Year 9 – Mr T Myerson
Year 10 – Mr S White
Year 11 – Mrs A Hylton


SENCO – Miss J McManus

Support Staff

Headteacher’s PA – Miss S Vaughan
Exams Officer – Mrs M Collier
Data Manager – Mrs S French
Attendance Officer –  Mrs S Towers

Heads of Department

Maths – Mrs A Torkington
English – Mr T Dalton
Science – Mr G Plunkett
Modern Foreign Language – Miss M Lewis
PE – Mr P Meredith
History – Mrs J Flaherty
Geography – Mr R Day
Computer Science – Mr A Maher
RE – Mrs E Crutchley
Performing Arts – Miss A Breheny/Miss K Bryant
Art/Technology – Mrs R Irlam