Welcome to the English Department

We are an enthusiastic and hard-working team of specialist English teachers. We aim to provide equal learning opportunities for all. We build strong relationships with our students   developing respect, support and encouragement throughout their learning journey at St Monica’s. Students enjoy learning in the classroom and also through the wide range of extra- curricular opportunities we offer.

Curriculum Intent

English is central to the curriculum and to society. Our intent focuses on pupils’ ability to communicate with others, expressing their well-informed ideas and emotions on society with articulation and fluency through the written and spoken word. The English Department aim to foster a love of literature and through reading a wide variety of literary heritage and modern texts, pupils acquire knowledge of the world around them developing culturally, emotionally, intellectually, socially and spiritually. Our pupils become fully functioning members of society, living out Gospel Values; respecting inherent human dignity, living with humility, having the desire to serve others before themselves, becoming Catholics of character who can make the world a better place.

Curriculum Map

Our curriculum map below outlines the programme of study in English for all pupils from Year 7 to Year 11. We build on knowledge from Key Stage 2 and prepare our students for life beyond St Monica’s.

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Learning Journeys

Our learning journeys outline, in a visual format, the key knowledge that is shared with pupils in each year group. They provide a reference point for teaching and sharing knowledge in lessons.

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Knowledge Organisers

We use Knowledge Organisers to support the teaching of key knowledge and more ambitious vocabulary.

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Access to our knowledge organisers can be found through in the section Knowledge Organisers.

English Staff

Head of English: T Dalton                         tdalton@stmonicas.stoccat.org.uk

Second in English: J Latham                  jlatham@stmonicas.stoccat.org.uk

Literacy Lead: E Kidd                            ekidd@stmonicas.stoccat.org.uk

Teacher of English: G Walker                  gwalker@stmonicas.stoccat.org.uk

Teacher of English: O Spedding              ospedding@stmonicas.stoccat.org.uk

Teacher of English: H Roberts                 hroberts@stmonicas.stoccat.org.uk

Teacher of English: Miss A Bentley                abentley@stmonicas.stoccat.org.uk

Teacher of English: A Wolfenden                 awolfenden@stmonicas.stoccat.org.uk

Teacher of English: N O’Neill                 noneill@stmonicas.stoccat.org.uk

Teacher of English: A Said                 asaid@stmonicas.stoccat.org.uk

How English Links to our PSHE programme

All texts studied encourage the study of our Gospel values: Faith, Honesty, Dignity, Integrity, Humility and Justice, giving rise to appropriate discussions which take place in classrooms.

Key Stage 4 Outline and Rationale

Pupils in Year 10 and Year 11 follow the AQA GCSE English Language and English Literature courses. Staff have expertise in delivering this specification as some are experienced examiners and many staff have delivered the programme for a number of years.

AQA | GCSE | English Language | Specification at a glance

AQA | GCSE | English Literature | Specification at a glance

Assessment  Overview

Assessment takes place at key points throughout the year at St Monica’s. Details about Summative Assessments (tests) are provided below in the Assessment Overview document.  Knowledge and learning is also regularly checked and assessed more informally throughout the lessons on a day-to-basis (formative assessment.) Teachers use a range of strategies in lessons such as questioning, quizzes, mini whiteboards to check that knowledge is secure.

Feedback to assessments takes a variety of forms, including whole class feedback, verbal feedback and personalised feedback. Pupils are expected to respond to the feedback given to help move their learning forward.

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To find out more about the English curriculum, please email tdalton@stmonicas.stoccat.org.uk