At St Monica’s we believe that all our student’s views are important and through our school council, we afford our pupils the opportunity the take a leading role to represent their peers and their own views of the school. We believe the student’s voice helps students to understand their democratic rights, to have an input into School improvement and to be an agent of change.  It also promotes Leadership skills and develops people skills.

Our School council helps children develop responsible attitudes, and improve their behaviour; gives children hands-on experience of issues in the National Curriculum. It also creates a feeling of belonging, encourages listening to others and develops self-confidence.

The role of the student council.

  • Represent the student body.
  • Raise funds for school-wide activities
  • Participate in fundraising
  • Share ideas & concerns
  • Help people in need

The organisation of the school council

Our school council is spilt into different roles and responsibilities and subcommittees. At the head of our school council, we have our Chair, Deputy Chair, Secretary, Treasurer, PR officer and then subcommittee leaders for Teaching and Learning, Mental Health and Well-being, Charity, fundraising and events, Anti-bullying and Eco-friendly groups.

Roles of the School Council

  • Surveys and promotions e.g. Healthy Schools/looking after the environment
  • Lead assemblies
  • Conflict resolution
  • Anti-bullying initiatives/posters
  • Organising charity /events /festivals:
  • School newspaper/website/podcasts etc
  • T&L
  • Student behaviour
  • Proposed action plans and solutions