We use Satchel One as a platform for setting homework. Homework tasks should reinforce and build on the learning that has taken place in the lessons. Pupils in Year 7 – 9 are asked to look over their knowledge from two subjects each night according to the timetable below. We ask that they spend 30 minutes on each subject. Pupils all have a knowledge organiser which consolidates their knowledge. They are expected to read and learn key information and key vocabulary from their knowledge organisers to support their learning. Pupils in Year 10 and Year 11 will be set regular revision and homework linked to the GCSE courses that they are following. 

Satchel:One Support

Satchel One – Pupils and parents are provided with login information for the Satchel One learning platform.  Much of the homework set will appear here and you can check your child’s progress on their homework via the site. The links on this page provide further support where needed.

Click the logo above to access Satchel:One

Further support can be found here: Satchel Help Center

Knowledge Organisers

All pupils in Years 7 to 10 have been given a Knowledge Organiser. They should bring the knowledge organiser to school every day and have it on their desk in lessons. They should then be taken home and used to support home study. The knowledge organiser contains the key information your child needs to learn in order to be successful within each subject. Pupils are expected to self-test using the cover, say, write, check method. They should spend 30 minutes on each subject as outlined above. Your child’s teachers will also spend time in lessons explaining how the information contained in the knowledge organisers relates to the learning that is taking place in class. This approach will allow your child to make the very best of their study time at home and it will equip them with the necessary knowledge they need to be successful in their future careers at St Monica’s.