Collective worship

Opportunities for collective worship at Saint Monica’s are highly valued and it is time that we set apart in our school day and week so we can all reflect on our faith and mission.

The weekly themes of our school calendar are based on the Sunday gospel readings of the Catholic Church and help us remember and celebrate the times and seasons in the Liturgical year. Our themes also seek to remind us of key values and raise awareness of wider issues affecting our school, Church, world. The themes also direct collective worship in form time through our school ‘prayer points’ and in our year group assemblies.

In school to support collective worship we have our Senior prefect team, pupils from year 11 who lead a number of collective acts of worship and charity. Our Liturgy prefect team have prepared and read prayers, led reflections for our Advent and Lent assemblies. Perhaps most noticeable was their involvement in creating the new Mission statement for our school which drives all that we are and all that we do.

Alongside our Senior Liturgy prefects is our Caritas group (all years) who, together have had received training delivered by the Caritas team at the Salford Diocese.  Together this group of students have made a difference to the liturgical life and charitable acts of kindness at Saint Monica’s inspiring others to take part and make a difference too.

In more recent times we have seen a return to larger acts of collective worship, we have marked the start of Lent through our Ash Wednesday services as well as holding a Celebration Mass with year 11, their families and Saint Monica’s school staff, to celebrate their time here at Saint Monica’s. We have a welcome Mass for Year 7 pupils and their families and we also celebrate Mass with year 7-10 in our end of the year in our Mass thanking God and offering up all we have achieved through the academic year.

With the support of our local Parish Priests we have been able to introduce weekly form time Mass on Wednesdays.  This has been a lovely addition to our collective worship and all forms will have the opportunity to attend and take part in a Mass by the end of the school year.